2016 NEAR Schedule
Has Been Posted

February 29, 2016

The NEAR 2016 event schedule has been updated as of February 20th to reflect the most up to date information.  Previous editions are obsolete. 

With input from members and the consensus of the Board of Directors and Lloyd Hutchins, we are going to hold the line at 22 total events with 20 of those being "points" events".  This does not include the Frank Maratta Race-A-Rama or the three special events at Thompson (Ice Breaker, Vintage Oval weekend and World Series).  These four special events will have limited participation and therefore are not "regular" events. 

The new schedule has been designed to be more manageable for our members and to promote good attendance.  The 20 points events provide a nice balance of running and still shows as well as north-south venues; while still being an aggressive schedule.  We recognize there are many other fine events across the region, and encourage NEAR members to please attend their favorite shows regardless if they are on the schedule or not.

We have added a couple of new venues this year to provide more opportunities for our members.  We are fortunate to be invited to both LEE USA and Hudson Speedways this year.  These are both located in the "middle ground" of southern New Hampshire and should appeal to members from all points in New England. 

We are also extremely fortunate to be invited to Thompson Speedway for “Wayback Wednesday” on September 7th.  This will be BOTH a running and a still show.  NEAR on-track rules will apply to the running show.   The July 23rd “Nostalgia Night” event at New London-Waterford is also both a running and a still show.  We have added one still show in Rhode Island so that we have a presence in all of the New England states. 

Additionally, at the suggestion of the membership, there are some changes to the points system this year.  In order to make it fairer and more competitive, we are going to award separate points for still shows and running shows, as well as a "combined" category.  Members may only receive one point in either still or running category for each event.

Another terrific opportunity is the Vintage Oval Weekend at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, May 13-14.  This is a non-NEAR/non-points event and is run under Thompson track/safety rules.  Registration is required.  Please visit the website for more information www.thompsonspeedway.com or call the Speedway office at 860-923-2280.

Any questions can be directed to NEAR President, Paul Masse, or Event Coordinator, Jim Williams.