"NEAR Members Rise to the Occasion"
April 25, 2015

In recent years the NEAR Hall of Fame Mobile Museum has been plagued with mechanical issues and was just plain getting "tired". But after months of discussion and exploring options, there is finally reason to believe that old workhorse will soon be running like new again.

The HoF Mobile Museum committee sought out vendors and estimates for truck repairs. At the April meeting, the committee made a recommendation that the truck be repaired at Dunleavy's Truck and Trailer Repair in Connecticut, where it was recently delivered for inspection and estimates. The Board of Directors unanimously approved the committee's recommendation.

Work is expected to begin next week on the truck to replace the tired old engine, freshen the transmission, and make other repairs to brake lines, burned wires, new starter, etc. Dunleavy's will also explore options to change the rear end gears to reduce highway RPMs.

Professional work like this doesn't come cheap, and the $7,600 estimate is more than what is available in the truck fund - which is also used to cover expenses for taking the HoF Mobile Museum to NEAR displays during the season. But NEAR members are rising to the occasion! Shortly after the vote, JoJo Farone raised his hand and offered to donate $100 towards the cost of repairing the truck. His donation was followed by another. Then more members raised their hands. Before it was over at least 9 of the 27 or so members present had committed to donate directly to the truck fund.

NEAR President Paul Masse expressed his amazement and sincere appreciation to everyone who stepped up and donated.  He went on to say he hoped that when word gets around about the incredible show of solidarity, that even more members and supporters will commit to donating to the truck fund. Anyone who does wish to make a donation may send them to:

New England Antique Racers
PO Box 812
Meriden, CT 06450

Please enclose a note stating the donation is for the truck fund. Your support is greatly appreciated.

By Jim Williams