Buddy Bardwell
Class of 2011

The career of Buddy Bardwell began on the highways of New Hampshire drag racing. Buddy, along with Bill Donavan, hot rodded an old Ford coupe. Buddy was, for all intent, untouchable. State trooper Chester Hartwell, vowed to put an end to highway racing. Hartwell, a fair man, would never arrest anyone he couldn't catch. Buddy's slate was clean.

Buddy's first real race came in 1949, in Brattleboro, VT. The car, a 1934 Ford was owned by Perley Fielder's wife. A qualifying accident sidelined the car and Fielder's wife wanted Buddy out of the car. After a brief argument, Buddy bought the car for $20.00. The trademark steer horns were added to the car. Buddy was back in business.

A new car, a 1934 Ford was built in 1955. The car started out with a Ford motor. In 1966, the trademark Hudson engine was installed. By 1970, Buddy installed the current Hudson Hornet power plant.

Along the same time, a young upcoming announcer Kenley Squier, dubbed him "Blazing" Buddy Bardwell, some 50 years later the name is still part of the Bardwell legacy.

For the past seven decades, Buddy Bardwell has been winning races. Amazing, the past 50 years Buddy has competed in the same car. It is estimated that Buddy has run at 87 different speedways over his career.

Please welcome "Blazing" Buddy Bardwell into the New England Antique Racer's Hall of Fame Class of 2011.