Pete Fiandaca
Class of 2010

In a career spanning 40 years, Pete Fiandaca has won feature events, track championships, and the hearts of race fans everywhere his familiar no. 135 cars have appeared. Known as The Travelin’ Man for his willingness to race anywhere, anytime, Fiandaca has captured 320 documented victories in Modifieds, Pro Stocks, Late Models and a variety of support divisions. He has also been one of New England racing’s standout characters, a genuine low-dollar hero. In Peter’s case, the term “backyard racer” absolutely fit; until 1978, he raced without the benefit of a garage, maintaining his cars beneath a shade tree behind the family home in Fitchburg, MA.

Fiandaca’s record of track championships, 16 total, is staggering. At Hudson Speedway alone he collected seven titles: two in Modifieds, three in Pro Stocks, one in Late Models, and one in Street Stocks. He grabbed four titles at Star Speedway, three more at Monadnock Speedway, and single championships at Thompson Speedway and Westboro Speedway.

It was during the 1970s, one of Modified racing’s most colorful periods, that Fiandaca built his reputation for doing a lot with a little. His homemade cars weren’t always pretty, but they were fast enough to win at Riverside Park, Westboro, Seekonk, Monadnock, Hudson, Pines, and Star, and even on a road trip to New Jersey’s New Egypt Speedway.

The New Egypt victory was classic Fiandaca. On a red-flag delay, the legendary Gil Hearne, running second, noticed the threadbare right-rear tire on the leading car, Fiandaca’s no. 135. “I throw better tires away,” Hearne remarked. Peter replied that it was the best one he’d had available. Later, when the checkered flag waved, Hearne was still chasing the car with the bald right-rear. Against long odds, The Travelin’ Man had earned another trophy, and won the admiration of another rival.


Photo From The Val LeSieur Archives