Jim McConnell
Car Owner/Driver/Track Owner
Class of 2009

Jim McConnell was an aircraft mechanic in the 1930s, but his passion was auto racing.  By the 1940s Jim had begun racing at several local fairground tracks.  Jim went on to become a track builder, owner, and organizer, as well as a successful car owner. 

He bought a parcel of land in Scarborough, Maine, and, in 1948, set about building Beech Ridge Speedway.  The gates first opened at Beech Ridge on Memorial Day weekend of 1949.  JB owned and operated the track for 24 years, selling it in 1973.   1949 was a busy year for Jim.  

He formed the Maine State Stock Car Racing Association, an organization that lasted for 35 years.  Jim served as its president for four terms.  JB, as he was also known,  was involved in the establishment of several other tracks, including Oxford Plains, Arundel, Star Speedway, and Unity.

Jim was a member of the Beech Ridge Speedway Hall of Fame, and, in 2004, was inducted into the Maine Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Sadly, Jim passed away in December.   Today, we welcome Jim McConnell, posthumously,  into the NEAR Hall of Fame.