Harold "Hardluck" Hanaford
Class of 2009

Harold “Hardluck” Hanaford began racing on the ice in 1947.  He went on to compete in flathead powered Fords throughout New Hampshire and Vermont.  A staunch supporter of the ’32 Ford, Hanaford switched to a Dodge to race at the Plymouth Fairgrounds, a track 5 miles from his home, where they plowed the track and raced right through the winter.

Hanaford won 2 of the 1st 3 Milk Bowls at Thunder Road, in 1962 and ’64.  He was also a two time Thunder Road track champion, in ’64 and ’65.

In 1966, as a Thunder Road champion, he took a '59 Pontiac, with an engine he’d built himself, to Daytona.  “Being a track champion, they paid me ten cents a mile to tow down, and $300 to take the green”, Harold recalls.  “I think the total check was about $800.”

Hardluck Hanaford can still be found wheeling his familiar purple #30, a 1932 Ford flathead powered coupe, when NEAR rolls into Thunder Road every June.