Bobby Dragon
Class of 2009

You can’t mention racing in northern New England without the name Bobby Dragon coming up.  Bobby began racing in the late 1960’s, and is an active competitor today.  He’s wheeled modifieds, Flying Tigers, and Late Models.  He’s competed at over 70 different tracks.  A resident of Milton, Vermont, his home tracks were Catamount Stadium and Thunder Road.  Bobby’s also competed at Oxford Plains, Dover, Delaware, and Bristol, Tenn.  He’s raced at Nazareth, PA, Watkins Glen, NY, and Irwindale, CA. In 1983, Bobby was the recipient of the prestigious Don McTavish Award.

Dragon’s won many championships over the years, including four at Catamount stadium, in 1969, ’72, ‘77, and ’80.  He has two at Thunder Road, in 1973 and ’76, and one at Devil’s Bowl in 1977.  He was the NASCAR North Champion in 1978.

Bobby’s brother, Beaver, a Hall of Famer himself, remembers the tough schedules, which sometimes involved running two different tracks in a single day.  “One day”, remembers Beaver, “I was driving the school bus Bobby had as a car hauler after an afternoon race in Montreal.  We had to get down to Vermont fast for an evening race at Devil's Bowl.  I came out of the parking lot…fast.  I knew I had grazed the ticket booth, but I didn’t realize until later that I had KNOCKED THE BOOTH OVER”.

Today, we welcome Bobby Dragon into the NEAR Hall of Fame.