Joe Brady
Car Owner
Class of 2008

Joe Brady has been a championship winning car owner for over 5 decades.  In that time, he’s given many young drivers their start in racing, including Steve Park, Ted Christopher, Jimmy Spencer, and Dick Trickle.   Joe builds much of his own equipment, and competes against highly funded teams with little or no sponsorship help.

Leo Cleary won Joe his first championship, in 1968, at the Norwood Arena.  Bob Santos won the 1971 Thompson championship in a Brady car, then won the Westboro championship in 1975.

Bugs Stevens stepped in and took down a Westboro championship in 1980, then won the Seekonk crown in ’81.  Steve Park drove the familiar #41 at News Smyrna, winning championships in 1992 and ’93.  Teddy Christopher took the New Smyrna crown in 1998, 1999, and 2000. 

Throughout his career, Joe competed against the top teams, and fielded competitive cars, despite operating with much smaller budgets and less sponsorship money than the high dollar cars he was competing against.  Joe had a knack for spotting talented drivers, and developing those drivers into winners.  Jimmy Spencer and Dick Trickle are two other drivers who ran Joe Brady cars and then went on to other situations at the national level.

Welcome Joe Brady into the NEAR Hall of Fame.


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