Dick McCabe
Car Owner/Driver
Class of 2002

Dick McCabe built his first race car, a '36 Chevy 6 cylinder "Bomber" coupe at age 14. Dick had someone race the car at Beech Ridge, because he was too young to drive. Unable to resist getting behind the wheel himself., the 14 year old McCabe took the car to the 1/5 mile track at Dover, NH, where he was able to slip out onto the track and compete.

Dick joined NASCAR North in 1976, where he competed against Stub Fadden, Beaver and Bobby Dragon, and Robbie Crouch. McCabe, known as "the Irish Angel", won the NASCAR North Championship in 1981, then repeated in '82, when he set the NASCAR North record for the most top 10 finishes in a season. It was also during this period that he became the Oxford Plains Open Champion for 4 consecutive years. No one else had won even 2 of the Open Championships, but Dick dominated, winning in 1981, '82, '83, and '84.

McCabe feels that his job was an asset in his racing career. A bait salesman, Dick would drive his 18 wheel dump truck 12 hours, picking up ocean perch to sell as bait to fisherman. At the end of this long drive, he would shovel the bait out by hand, "working hardest when you were tiredest".

McCabe moved to the Busch North Series, where he again took down back to back championships, in 1992 and '93. The '93 season was extra special, because Dick won track and Busch North Championships in the inaugural season at NHIS.

Dick McCabe retired from racing in 1995.

We welcome him today, as a member of the Class of 2002, into NEAR's New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame.