Homer Drew
Class of 2000

Homer Drew drove his first race in 1955, at the Oxford Plains Speedway, but he went on to make Beech Ridge his “home” track. It was there that he won an impressive five championships, the first coming in 1967. The next year, 1968, saw Drew win both the class A (modified) and class B (late model) titles. He took down 2 more championships, in 1972 and again in ’73.

Drew won over 400 features in his career, and is the only driver to have won at all six Maine tracks; Beech Ridge, Oxford, Unity, Arundel, Speedway 95, and Wiscasset Raceway.

Oxford’s Getty Open was an open comp series run in the early 70s, and Drew dominated the series. On four different occasions, Homer blew his motor during the race, and was able to coast across the line and into victory lane. In 1972 alone, he won 5 of the 7 100 lap Getty Open races.

A story that epitomizes Homer’s career happened in his familiar red #P38. While leading a modified race for longtime owner Bob Bushey, Sr., the steering wheel came off in Drew’s hands. Using his bare hands on the steering column hub, Drew held on for six laps, until he got a red flag. When he pulled into the pits, Bushey asked his driver why he was pitting. Homer handed him the steering wheel. Bushey quickly returned to the car, and handed Homer a pair of vice grips. Homer not only went back out and finished the race, but he took down the victory, steering the car with the vice grips.