Eddie Flemke, Sr.
Class of 1998

“Steady Eddie” Flemke started his driving career in 1948 in the early jalopy races. In the 1950s he raced at all the United Stock Car tracks and won Riverside Park championships in 1956 and 58.

In 1960 with the emergence of NASCAR in New England he became the leader of the famed Eastern Bandits as they raced and won up and down the East Coast. He was never considered a points chaser but he still finished runner-up in the NASCAR National Modified championship in both 1960 and '61.

He was known as the best of the big dollar race winners. Among his estimated 500 victories is the 1972 Spring Sizzler, two Utica Rome 400s, and the 1977 Thompson 300.

Flemke was also well known for his chassis innovations and his ability to make a car handle. He obviously developed the Flemke front end. Eddie was very willing to teach and encourage other drivers such as Denny Zimmerman, Reggie Ruggerio, Ron Bouchard and Richie Evans. Pete Hamilton honored Eddie Flemke by inviting him up to the press box after his Daytona 500 win and telling the crowd that he owed his victory to “Steady Eddie.”

After a thirty year driving career Eddie retired after driving his last race at Stafford in 1978. He was a founding member of NEAR in 1981. He died of natural causes in 1984.