2014 White Mountain
Photos Courtesy of Jim Torok
June 7, 2014

New England Antique Racers run back to back
shows at White Mountain and Twin State Speedways in New Hampshire

The weekend of June 7 and June 8 was a busy time for the NEAR teams. On Saturday, June 7th  at 5pm, eight (8) cars took to the asphalt at White Mountain Speedway in North Woodstock, New Hampshire. The machines graced the oval with an eight minute warm up session as the second warm up of the evening. The heat race, which conducted a short while later, was won by Lloyd Hutchins. In the feature race for our vintage cars Gerry Blanchette took home the checkered flag for the evening. Also appearing at this event were Jim Torok, Scott Haskell, George Silsby, Paul Zampieri, Butch Burbank, and Darragh Hoyt.

On Sunday, June 8th, the NEAR vintage cars journeyed across the mountains to Twin State (also known as Claremont Speedway) in Claremont, New Hampshire. Here there were two warm ups and a feature. Taking home the winners spot on a beautiful Sunday afternoon was Darragh Hoyt. She ran an outstanding feature race hotly contested against ‘Spanky’ Bancroft, Gerry Blanchette, George Cleveland, Alan Davis, Barry Roy, Lloyd Hutchins, Scott Haskell and Jim Torok.

A big thank you to these racers who worked on their cars and made the double show possible for the fans of vintage cars and the NEAR organization.

By Jim Torok

Vintage Racing

George Silsby

On theTrack

Butch Burbank

Darragh Hoyt

Scott Haskell

Lloyd Hutchins

Paul Zampieri

The Seller Blanchette Team
Jim Torok