Danbury Reunion Remembers
Photos Courtesy of Rich and Claire Belmonte
September 26, 2014

On Sunday September 21, 2014, the faithful fans and racers of the Danbury racearena gathered to recall the days of racing and the folks who raced. The Southern New York Racing Association Reunion Committee held it's 13th Annual event to a great audience.

While the foothills of the Berkshires have not heard a racing motor running in competition since 1981, the fans continue to show their support for the closed facility. The old adage "if you build it, they will come" rings true with the appearance of flathead powered machines with coach and coupe bodies. The pinto revolution era machines with the overhead power plants were also there. Programs and artifacts from the fairgrounds where the racearena was located were available for sale as well as DVDs of the Fair and Racing.

Of special note this year was a memorial for Paul Baker who announced at the track. Paul died two weeks prior to the event this year. He always came and made announcements in the voice that was known as "Danbury". Many former drivers were present to sign autographs, including NEAR Hall of Famers Bill Greco and Don Lajoie. 

In support of the events this year, cars were provided by NEAR members Ron Carlson with the six cylinder $ coach, the Jim Splettstoezser #87 coach with V8 power, the Straight #8 Buick powered coupe #009 now owned by Jim Torok, the #43 Pinto of Bill Greco, The #711 of Don Lajoie, the yellow #5 of Jim Proulx, the flat head V8 in the #5 of George Cleveland, the #42 pinto of Alan Benincaso, the #9 pinto of Don Moon, and the #45 of Pete Ballard.

By Bill Henry

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